Random Thought #333

... complexity in its simplest form ...

Bike for Stephanie!


Hello Everyone!

So this past weekend, my coworker got her bike stolen by a bunch of teenagers. She is a great person and I want to surprise her with a new fixed.

My coworker, Stephanie, likes to ride her fixed and she rides it to work everyday. I guess you could say she is an environmentalist.

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Wasted Promises

My tear glands are dry.

In the midst of happiness…

I am sad, yet numb, I sigh.

As well, I am numb, yet sad, I breathe.


This Morning

I wake up.

Fog outside my window, the sound of seagulls calm my mind.

My heavy breathing sedated by atmosphere.

Moisture, and cool breeze tames the flames.

This fire eternal that blazes, burns, and singes all in its path.

Today, will be good.

I breathe, exhale, & live.


Macba 🙏

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the often overlooked
reason for why we live

the finding out

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